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Trout Digital is an award winning, New York based production company founded by producer/director Matthew Edginton in 2010.

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Working across media in today's culture, there are no one size fits all solutions - So we customize an approach for every job.


Many commercial projects are bloated and outdated, wasteful and fragmented. We believe that with smart ideas and tailored production, effective communications can be created at any price point. 


We offer a full-service, highly collaborative production experience, achieving premium level results with small team agility. We are well-informed, quick to understand project goals and cultures, and experienced with the synergies of developing successful ideas alongside practical planning.

From cinematic commercials, to fast and fresh social, to animated explainers, we bring the story-craft and technical expertise to consistently produce video content that connects brands with their audience.






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We work with agencies, media companies and in-house creative teams to produce exceptional content that works.

We also provide production, camera, animation, and post production services à la carte.

We are experienced with most forms and formats including commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, non-profit, performance, animation, info-graphics, special FX, and social.

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