Trout Digital is an award winning, New York based production company founded by producer/director Matthew Edginton.


Working across media, in today’s culture, there are no one size fits all solutions. So we bring an open mind and work with you to customize a practical approach for each job. 

We are makers. We like to work hard, and we take pride in every project. We believe in preparedness, artistry, sound mechanics, and clear voices. 

We know our way around the digital production landscape and move freely between workflows. We have learnt to operate in the real world, responding to culture, and adjusting mindfully to the moving parts and found objects that impact cadence, narrative, and ultimately brand image and meaning.


Our creative filters and our marketing intelligence are hard earned, largely in edit rooms, where intention meets reality, and where good ideas well executed are most appreciated.

We keep the bar high because tone, structure, and intrinsic coherence matter, and we like video content that works.



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